Cyber ​​crime, 77 thousand alerts. Lighthouse on terrorism and espionage

Growing terrorist tensions are now added to the “disinformation” campaigns carried out against the West by hacker collectives attributable to Russia, China and North Korea.

Online communication platforms, social networks and instant messaging chats, such as Signal and Telegram, are increasingly the vector for conveying fake news and jihadist propaganda, to which must be added terrorism financing campaigns, increasingly “disguised” as false collections charitable funds.

As also emerged in the final declaration on the occasion of the summit on the NATO 2030 agenda, we will be «called upon more and more every day to deal with cyber and hybrid threats, including disinformation campaigns, and the harmful use of increasingly sophisticated emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, for malicious purposes.”

In Italy the phenomenon is under the careful investigative analysis of the Postal and Communications Police Service, as emerges from the report on the activities carried out in 2023, released today on the occasion of the 172nd anniversary of the foundation of the State Police.


According to European intelligence reports, Moscow, in particular, has intensified its efforts to manipulate information, disseminating it online with the aim of conveying public opinion. A particularly worrying phenomenon, which has seen a dangerous surge in recent times.

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2024-04-11 22:12:32

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