“Cyberpunk 2077” is getting a second chance

More than a year after the chaotic launch of its opus, the developer CD Projekt Red hopes to be forgiven on the latest generation consoles.

The hacking and gun-fighting game may be experiencing its true launch.

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The hacking and gun-fighting game may be experiencing its true launch.

The Polish studio has released the long-awaited update for “Cyberpunk 2077”, its game which had hit the headlines end of 2020. This open-world cyber adventure now runs at a smoother frame rate and features graphics more worthy of the latest generation consoles from Sony (PlayStation 5) and Microsoft (Xbox Series X).

The studio unsurprisingly confirms ray-tracing (better rendering of light in games). Both consoles also take advantage of their SSD hard drive for faster loading times. The PS5 version is also optimized for DualSense controllers.

During the presentation, CD Projekt Red focused on showing how drivers and civilians react more realistically under threat. The studio has also reviewed the perk system (assets, advantages in the game) and the balance of combat. It promises a livelier game than it originally was. The intelligence of NPCs (non-player characters) has also been improved with enemies displaying more interesting behaviors during battles.

Five hours to make your choice

The studio hopes to redeem itself with its disappointed fans when the title was initially released in December 2020. Those who are undecided can get an idea with a free trial version allowing them to try the game for five hours. And to postpone their progress in the game in case of purchase in stride.

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