Cyril Féraud was confined to the same building with a famous animator, find out which one!

Chief of ceremony of the program “What will be the best folk dance in France”, broadcast this Friday March 18 on France 3, Cyril Féraud finds his best friend Laurent Luyat. If they share the stage, the two animators have experienced confinement in the same building.

The world is really small. This Friday, March 18, Cyril Féraud takes control of the show What will be the best folk dance in Francebroadcast on France 3. To elect the best performance, animator can count on an exceptional jury composed of Vincent Niclo, Mareva Galanter, Carolien Margeridon and Laurent Luyat. If he’s about to have a hell of a night in the company of these personalities, Cyril Féraud experienced confinement with one of them. In an interview with the magazine CloserFriday, October 29, 2021, the presenter of Slam revealed to have passed this period in the same building as Laurent Luyat. “I was lucky that my best friend, Laurent Luyat, who presents all the sports programs on France Télévisions, lives in my building”he confided.

If he was able to spend these two months of confinement in good company, Cyril Féraud took the opportunity to make up for lost time. Often very busy with his various shoots, this period allowed him “to take time” for him. “I had never spent so much time on the phone or Skype with my friends, my family and all those people i couldn’t call, he confessed. Like what, everything was not so black during this confinement.

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After being confined to the same building, Cyril Féraud and Laurent Luyat find themselves on the set of the program “Quelle sera la bonne danse folklorique de France”, this Friday March 18 on France 3. Benoît Linder – FTV.

Cyril Féraud confused with another animator

Each of us would have, throughout the world, seven people who look exactly like him. It seems like Cyril Féraud has his double within the premises of France Télévisions. Guest on the set of Éric Dussart in We’re doing TV again on RTLDamien Thévenot confided to be often confused with the animator of The treasure map. “It’s a little less now, but why did we get Cyril Féraud and me confused!”first explained Damien Thévenot, raising his arms to the sky. “Incredible things have happened… There are people who write to me on Instagram saying: ‘Hello Cyril, well done for Slam’”recount the presenter of Telematin.

A physical resemblance which amused the big fan of Fort Boyard on his Twitter account. “One day, people will find out that we are one and the same @DamienThevenot and me”, can we read in this tweet accompanied by an emoji sticking out its tongue. That friendly quip is added to all the jokes of which Damien Thévenot is already the subject.

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