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By reselling his villa in Los Angeles, Cyril Hanouna made a great financial transaction. photo credit: Instagram screenshot @cyrilhanouna

In 2021, the host of Touche pas à mon poste had offered himself a sumptuous villa on the heights of Los Angeles. But he was quick to resell it, making a nice capital gain. Here is the story of a whirlwind acquisition.

In June 2021, Cyril Hanouna offered himself a dream villa in Los Angeles

Was it the confinement that had given ideas of grandeur and escape to Cyril Hanouna? Still, in June 2021, the host offered himself a dream villa on the heights of Los Angeles for the tidy sum of

$5.6 million

. At this price, the house is obviously luxurious and the neighbors prestigious. Those to whom Cyril Hanouna could go to ask for salt in case of forgetfulness are none other than the American rapper Arizona Zervas and Laeticia Hallyday.

As for the house, like many of those in this wealthy neighborhood, it does not look like much from the outside, but inside it is very different. Imagine all-glass walls, a two-story waterfall, an infinity pool and a spa adorned with a green wall. An artistic “floating” staircase leads to the luxurious bedroom equipped with a fireplace, two large dressing rooms and a bathroom with a bathtub overlooking the city.

As the villa was purchased turnkey, the 800 square meters of living space was adorned with Fendi and Ralph Lauren furniture left over from the previous owners. Add to that a cinema room and a gymnasium and you will have an idea of ​​the house that so quickly tired the host of TPMP.

When inconstancy brings in nearly $400,000

You should know that the owners who had sold the villa

$5.6 million

to the famous French are Parisian gallery owners specializing in street art. They had bought

$4.5 million

the sumptuous house, in 2007. They therefore realized a capital gain of

$1.1 million

within 14 years.

But Cyril Hanouna breaks all records in this area. Two months after his purchase, he decides to resell the house in Hollywood Hills. By finding a buyer

$6 million

he realizes a capital gain of

400.000 dollars

in two months! If we playfully project the amount over 14 years, we obtain an imaginary profit of

$33.6 million

! But the reasons for this sale are quite different. Cyril Hanouna confided that, overwhelmed with work in France, he did not know when he could cross the Atlantic. He added that he did not want to be accused of tax exile, being proud to pay his taxes in France, a country that gave him everything.

On the capital gains side, the stars are not all housed in the same boat

In 2015, Tom Cruise put his Beverly Hills villa up for sale. He found a buyer for

$50 million

i.e. a capital gain of

$20 million

for the hero of

Top Gun

. He had indeed bought this house of 930 square meters of living space at the price of

$30 million

in 2007.

In 2017, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pulled off the perfect pirouette by doubling the purchase price of their Los Angeles property. The ex-couple of reality TV stars pocketed

$17.8 million

i.e. a nice added value of

$9 million

. The villa in which they had undertaken many works seduced Marina Acton, a Ukrainian philanthropist.

Conversely, when Gérard Depardieu wanted to sell his Belgian villa in Néchin, he had to revise his claims downwards. He had bought it

1,2 million d’euros

and had to settle for the resale of half the sum. It is the same for the Var hamlet of Johnny Depp which cannot find a buyer.

As for the mansion where Robin Williams ended his days, displayed at

$7.25 million

she finally went to

5,35 millions

in 2020. The actor had bought this villa of more than 600 square meters for a little more than

$4 million

in 2008, before his widow put the premises up for sale in 2019.

Madonna hopes to make a capital gain of $6 million

Madonna thinks big and it’s only natural. In 2021, the mega-star had acquired a mansion on Hidden Hills, one of the hills of Los Angeles. She had bought it

$19.3 million

to the singer known as The Weeknd. A year later, the queen of pop demands it

$26 million

and thus hopes to make a capital gain of almost

$6 million

. It cannot be said that it is the work it has undertaken that justifies this price increase. She was content to convert a barn into a gym. But living in the house of the interpreter of

Like a Virgin

it definitely pays off.

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