Daily Activities and Tips for Leveling Up from Paragon 20 to 30 – Diablo Immortal

We have already had the opportunity to tell you about the activities to do each day to optimize your playing time on Diablo Immortal. Once you reach level 60, Paragon levels will gradually become more difficult to earn and some activities are more profitable in EXP than others.

Last night, Legitimate_Cry_3526 posted tips from his own experience on Immortal. It’s interesting and I thought it deserved a spotlight on JH.

Priority activities

These are the most profitable in XP. Of course, some will tempt you more than others and you are free to skip some if you wish. After all, the goal is still to have fun. But if you want maximum experience, start with this.

  • Make 4 primes. Go back to Westmarch, take your rewards and start again with the other 4.
  • Go to Sanctum d’Iben Fhad (with aspirant’s keys). Open all the chests you can. There is currently no reason to store your keys. Use them to collect as many resources as possible and upgrade your relics. Stop by the incuse merchants and buy what you can.
  • Yes the Battlefield is open, do three. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, the rewards will be the same. That’s quite a lot of XP and you’ll receive Aspirant’s Keys.
  • Go to the bar Shadows and accept your daily contract. Do contracts as much as possible as they bring a lot of XP. Raid and Gather every day. Always at the Shadowswhen the blessing is active, do 3 ancestral rifts to collect aspirant’s keys.
  • Go see the activities related to your rang in the Shadows (“My rank”). This will show you what you need to do to get Shadow Clan Points to increase your Shadow Rank. Maximizing these points is one of the most important things you can do in the game. You get +1% damage and defense for each rank you get. It is enormous..
  • If you have some gold to spend, bet at the Rarities and Relics Vendor next to the Market. You can get legendaries and other upgrades quite often. Don’t spend too much gold on it though.

Activities to do right after

  • Looping Dungeons in Hell 1 : This is the best way to earn XP if you haven’t maxed out the Battle Pass in the current week. Dungeons also allow you to recover equipment, set pieces, etc.
  • The farming of the Zoltun Kulle Library : Southeast of the library, there is a large room with a lot of mobs and a quick respawn. It is however often populated, which can imply the need to group to farm the area.
  • Open world in Hell 2 : A lot of places are very nice, almost as much as the library of Zoltun Kulle. It can be very effective from Paragon 25 to 30.
    • By doing this in Hell 2 you will get a LOT of paragon 30 great gear/legendary upgrades that you can store to equip when you finally reach level 30. By following this method Legitimate_Cry_3526 had 6-8 pieces of gear to equip immediately when he reached level 30. This increased his Combat Rating from 1200 to 1450+ instantly.
  • Farming Ancient Rifts : Even without an emblem, it’s a very, very good way to gain experience. Maybe not as much as the library, but not far, and you can also quickly chain kills of dozens of mobs with the XP bonus that generates. It becomes very nice from 50 monsters in a row.

Additional activities

This is not to be done daily, but weekly or from time to time:

  • Launch a Lassal Raid every week at max level, in both Warband and Non-Warstrike Raids. The slag will be useful to improve the reliquary.
  • Make sure to maximize your probationary rifts. The essences obtained will allow you to improve certain pieces of equipment which, of course, will not offer a fantastic power bonus, but it will always be necessary. Also, reaching level 30 in Probation Rifts is important to unlock better drops.

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