Dangers of Laughing Gas Consumption: Legislation and Risks in Belgium and UK

2023-11-10 10:34:43

In Belgium, the sale of laughing gas cartridges to minors has been prohibited by law since February 23, 2022. Despite this, the consumption of nitrous oxide remains high in our country.

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But not only. Across the Channel too, the consumption of laughing gas is exploding and that is why England, in turn, has just legislated in the same direction to try to protect minors.

Because consuming laughing gas, even in small quantities and for recreational purposes, is not without risk! And Cathy Mccann, a 46-year-old British woman, wanted to prove this by posting photos of her 17-year-old son after he consumed nitrous oxide.

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Last year, at a festival in Manchester, the teenager suddenly started feeling unwell. He complained of neck pain and had difficulty breathing. Hospitalized immediately, Alex quickly admitted to the doctors that he had inhaled laughing gas, which fortunately allowed them to quickly intervene. He suffered a pneumothorax.

“Alex said it was the worst thing he had ever done in his life. He was not aware of the dangers and he did it because his friends were doing it,” the teenager’s mother told The Sun.

Today, Alex no longer consumes laughing gas, unlike his friends, who have obviously not learned the lesson: “It could have been fatal to him, he could have died.”

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Since Wednesday, the United Kingdom has banned the possession for recreational use of nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas, a substance potentially dangerous to health whose consumption has sharply increased.

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Nitrous oxide is now considered a class C drug, in the same way as anabolic steroids and khat for example, which means that “possession (…) with the intention of improperly inhaling it for an effect psychoactive is now considered a crime,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

Alex’s mother believes that the government should have gone even further.

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