Daniela first trans contestant of The Box Challenge

He ‘The Box Challenge’ will make history by incorporating among its participants the first trans person to compete for a position within each of the competition boxes starting this Wednesday, March 23 at 8 pm.

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And it is that for days ago the networks of the program that paralyzes Colombia have been showing each of the participants, their professions, their lives and especially the story behind each of them.

In the case of Daniela Taborda, the presentation post did not go unnoticed and there are more messages against than in support, this when a large part of the digital community, specifically conservatives, read that she was an LGBTIQ+ activist.

Daniel was born male, but at a very early age he perceived himself as female. After this decision, she had to face discrimination in schools, becoming this a difficult time, which she faced armed with her overwhelming personality and the love of her family, who encouraged her to express herself as she did. nature of her told him.

“He currently works at the Bogota City Hall giving technical support to inclusion policies for the LGBTIQ+ population. Daniela has been working in the public sector for more than 10 years for the visibility and rights of this population and she is the first trans participant in the Challenge in its entire history ”, she reads herself in the post of ‘The Box Challenge’.

Between criticism and support for Daniela from ‘The Box Challenge’

But that history of discrimination that has dragged on since childhood has come to life in the reactions and with messages full of rejection they did not wait and more from those who do not accept diversity.

“He was born a man, he will continue to be, and he will die as such. In the end, either you go to the urologist or the gynecologist. What one self-perceives, feels, identifies with, is irrelevant to the design of nature. I can feel whatever I want, but that doesn’t mean it is.” y What a ‘fair’ competition where at some point all the participants are going to have their menstruation (with all the inconvenience that implies) and ‘this’ isn’t because it turns out that they have a prostate 🙃 Bravo”.

However, not everything was rejected because another part of the digital community expressed its support for the contestant, which they consider a worthy representative of the diverse sex community in the program.

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“Society is rotten in thoughts, how sad to read such absurd comments 😩. She is a woman, period! 👏” y “How bad to read comments: that, if he is a man, that, if he is a woman, he is simply human, and he has the same rights as other people. A little empathy gentlemen”.

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