Danilo leads the swearing-in of new members of the PLD

With the arrival of the former president Daniel MedinaAt 10:44 am today, at the Azua sports center, the Dominican Liberation Party began the swearing-in ceremony, according to that organization, of 13,000 new members.

At the beginning of the event, Medina received a diagnosis of the political work carried out by the president of the PLD in Azua, Isaias Medina.

The political leader attributed the work carried out with the new members of the PLD “to the great work” of the government led by the former president.

Also because the province of Azua is telling the country and the PLD that it is felt in a single clamor that in 2024 that political organization will return to power.

The Commission for the Implementation of the Organizational and Electoral Line (CILOE) of the PLDtogether with the Provincial Directorate of PLD in Azua, is responsible for organizing the event.

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