Selected the Sor. Kor. for Thailand to sweep 19 seats.

Summarizing the results of the election of the governor of Bangkok, “Chatchat” received 1.3 million votes, “Dr. Ae” ranked second with a score of 2.5 hundred thousand, leaving “Virot” 785 points, followed by “Sakolthi” and “Aswin” respectively. Pheu Thai Party won 19 seats, Kao Klai Party 14 seats and Democrat Party 9 seats.

Today (22 May 65) summarizes the results of the elections for the governor of Bangkok. (Informal) 100% of the votes from all 6,817 polling stations, with 2,673,696 voters out of a total of 4,402,948 voters, representing 60.73 percent, with the following election results:

1. Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Independent Candidate received a total of 1,386,769 points
2. Mr. Suchatchavee Suwansawat Candidate for Bangkok Governor, Democrat Party 254,723 votes
3. Mr. Wirot Lakkhanaadisorn, candidate for Bangkok governor, Kao Klai Party, 253,938 votes
4. Mr. Sakolthee Pattiyakul, Independent Applicant, 230,534 votes
5. Pol. Gen. Asawin Kwanmuang Independent candidate 214,805 votes
6. Rosana Tositrakul, Independent Applicant, 79,009 votes
7. Commander Sita Tiwaree, candidate for the Thai Sang Thai Party, 73,826 votes

As for the results of the election of the Bangkok Councilor or Sor Kor. (unofficial) at 02.10

Pheu Thai Party: 19 seats
Kao Kao Kao Party has 14 seats.
Democratic Party: 9 seats
Rak Bangkok group get 2 seats
Palang Pracharat Party won 2 seats.
The Thai Build Thai Party won 2 seats.
2 independent groups

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