Daring Fashion Choices: Comparing Australian and Taiwanese Girls’ Attire on the Streets

2023-09-28 03:26:15
2023-09-28 11:26 Lianhe News Network Comprehensive Report Netizens believe that foreign girls are more daring to wear them. Picture/canva

Sometimes the dressing style is very subjective. I think it looks good, but others don’t think so, and may even feel “full of question marks.” A male netizen shared that he observed many girls in Australia wearing only a bikini and hot pants on the street. It seems that they dare to wear a lot more than those in Taiwan. However, many people pointed out the key point and thought that the photo was at the beach. It’s very reasonable to wear this way, and some people think that Taiwanese girls actually wear more revealing clothes, which has caused heated discussions.

Netizens in Australia on PTTIssue an article pointing outIt’s almost summer in Australia, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. When I go out, I find that foreign girls wear very little and dare to go out on the street wearing only underwear or a bikini and hot pants. On the other hand, if Taiwanese girls only wear this when going out, You might even be regarded as a “feminist fighter”. I don’t understand why there is such a big difference between China and abroad?

Many netizens saw the key points in the photo and left comments, “There are palm trees in the photo and there is a beach bar nearby”, “Of course I only wear bikinis on the beach next door in Queensland, Australia”, “They are all dressed as tourists, I asked on purpose”, “This is what people are used to. There are still people sunbathing on the beach.”

Some people also pointed out that Taiwanese girls are actually very brave to wear them, “It’s the same in Taiwan, sports bras and yoga pants”, “I just saw one on the MRT today, I was shocked”, “There are obviously a lot of people in Taiwan who wear more revealing clothes.” , “Didn’t you see a lot of people in Taiwan wearing bikinis secretly exposed at the exhibition?”, “It’s okay. Yesterday, when I went to the National Normal University, there were just a bunch of cuties, and they went out with spaghetti straps.”

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