Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) does a barbecue marathon again: “If this is not being a hero …” – Up to date

Dave Grohl, leader of Foo Fighters, has returned to the charge with his barbecue, carrying out a new cooking session to feed people in his community in Los Angeles. On this occasion, the artist has collaborated with the organization Feed The Streets L.A to offer a nice hot meal to homeless people in the city.

On their social networks, Feed the Streets LA has written the following: “One of those cold wet rainy days we received a text from none other than Dave Grohl (code name: Dolce & Gabana): he told us he heard what we were doing and wanted to help out. We put him in a new action. He spent 18 hours straight smoking brisket, ribs and pork with a kitchen equipment. They were up all night and until dawn.”

“The next day, Dolce and his team, exhausted and sleep-deprived, collected the food and brought it to MacArthur Park. All they had to do was drop her off and go, but they decided to stay and work the queue, barbecuing with our crew until everyone in the park had food. If that’s not being a hero, we don’t know what is.”

The organization aims to offer 3,500 meals a month through different actions. In their post, Feed the Streets LA wrote that “D&G will be back on the blocks soon to serve Yucca and Skid Row.”

The organization has also thanked the kitchen team that accompanies Grohl: Jerred Polacci, Andrew Sikking, Wiley Hodgden y Ally Christie.

Last month, in the middle of a snowstorm in Los Angeles, Grohl took barbecuing to a new level with a 16-hour cookout session in which 500 people were served a hot meal.

This isn’t the first time Grohl has stepped into the kitchen to help his community. In 2018, the Foo Fighters frontman fed Calabasas Station 68 firefighters in the midst of their fight against massive California wildfires.

In 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, Grohl partnered with local San Fernando Valley restaurant Casa Vega to create the Foo Fighters Especial combo plate that would help raise funds for No Us Without You L.A.

Where he won’t have as much time to cook will be on the tour he will do with Foo Fighters this coming summer, which, At the moment, it does not have a date in Spain.

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