Davina Geiss is mocked by fans because of Photoshop failure

It’s no secret that influencers often help out with their photos. Davina Geiss doesn’t seem to be able to keep her hands off Photoshop and has conjured up her legs a little longer in her latest post. But the millionaire’s daughter seems to have made a faux pas – and this did not go unnoticed by her followers either.

In a white short summer dress, Davina poses for the camera in her latest Instagram post, showing off her long legs. But something doesn’t seem to work out, because her feet appear oversized in the snapshot and huge in relation to her legs. But that’s not all. The German doesn’t have little toes in the picture either. As it seems, the daughter of Carmen (57) and Robert Geiss (58) may have exaggerated the image processing a bit.

The apparent mistakes were also noticed by the reality star’s more than 380,000 followers, after which Davina was mocked in the comments. «Photoshop should be forbidden. You can see what comes out of it. A person with four toes on both sides,” wrote one user, while another said, “Look at the feet, I’m crying.” She herself has not yet commented on this.

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