Dea Annisa: Her Mother’s Birthday Surprise and Marriage Plans

2023-11-12 09:37:01


Celebrity Dea Annisa gave a birthday surprise to his mother, Masayu Chairani. The woman who was previously popular with the stage name Dea Imut then received prayers from her parents to get married soon.

Masayu Chairani assessed Dea Annisa are old enough to start a household. It is known that the film star Qorin is 27 years old.

“Mama is old, please pray for Dea to get married, have children, her children will be big. I hope she’s healthy too. I hope she gets married quickly. Her sister is already married. Pray that she gets a good, right, pious, handsome, rich soul mate,” said Masayu Chairani when met in the Jagakarsa area, South Jakarta, yesterday.



Dea Annisa then responded to his mother’s hope that he could get married soon. He himself handed over the matter to God.

“Yes, it doesn’t matter. Actually, it’s back to Allah, just leave it to Allah, whether it’s fast or long, no one is late,” he said.

Dea Annisa admitted that she currently has a boyfriend. Her lover is not an artist and is known to her parents.

However, Dea does not yet have a target to marry her boyfriend. He explained the reasons for this.

“If you don’t have a target until now, it’s like just do it. You still want to do it first. If you’ve met your soul mate, then hurry up, that’s all,” he said.

Dea Annisa once again emphasized that only God knows what a soul mate is. He still hopes that he will find his soul mate sooner or later.

“Everyone definitely wants the best. If they meet their soul mate, the best direction is marriage. Just pray that God will find their soul mate, everything will go smoothly,” he concluded.

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