Dead by Daylight Drops!! Albert Wesker is set to enter the world as a Killer in the new Resident Evil Project W DLC with interesting details.

Monday, August 1, 2022, 21:58 minutes 04 seconds, Indochina time

Back in the past few months, Dead by Daylight has issued a job announcement Collaboration together with the way Resident Evil again under the name Project W But even so, no definitive information has been announced at this time. But it’s what makes the game’s fans excited quite a bit.

and the latest on the past few days Twitter of DBDLeaks Has released a picture with interesting information of Project W source of disclosure Killer and Survivors came out with a picture of Perks of all three characters in full The details are as follows.

  • Albert Wesker ( Killer )
  • Ada Wong ( Survivors )
  • Rebecca Chambers ( Survivors )

Of course, it’s not just a picture of Perks only because of the biography including the ability and Addons It came out to be seen in its entirety. And another thing that is equally interesting is the name of the game. Alber Wesker that within this game will be named The Mastermind which is one of the names of the roles used in the game. Resident Evil Resistance And it is the role that will keep stirring them. Survivors within the game

In addition, the way DBDLeaks also released a punch that came out like the voice of the character Albert Wesker which will be music that will come out according to different roles. Alber Wesker that has not yet been revealed, whether

  • lift Survivor hang up Hook
  • hit Survivor fall down
  • carry Survivor climb
  • Survivor escape from the chase
  • hold from Locker
  • run
  • use talent Mori and laughter

Another thing that should surprise many fans of the game is that there is. Video The map of the famous series such as Stranger Things who are coming back for friends to run again after they decide to lead DLC As mentioned a few months ago.

Finally, we have to wait and see that both Resident Evil Project W and map Stranger Things When will you come back again? But let me tell you that it’s not too long to wait for sure !!

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