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Deadly searches in Antwerp: the main suspects were on the list of terrorists

by archyde

The main suspects in the investigation into the preparations for a terrorist attack and the infringements of the legislation on weapons in the middle of the extreme right appeared on the list of terrorists of Ocam, declared Wednesday evening the Minister of Justice, Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open VLD), interviewed during the program “Terzake” on Canvas (VRT).

State Security and Ocam have long been convinced that right-wing extremism is on the rise in our country. The fact that there are more than 60 right-wing extremists on the terrorist list illustrates this. This means that they are considered potentially violent extremists. “These people were followed for months in complete discretion”an affirmation M. Van Quickenborne. “It’s not a fluke.”

Searches took place in several places on Wednesday. In Merksem, one person was killed in the operation. “According to the information I have, the police were fired on twice. That is why shots were fired in response”, said the minister. The P(olice) Committee is also involved in the investigation of this case. “It is the normal procedure in the interest of all, and in particular the police officers in question”he added.

According to the federal prosecutor’s office, more than 100 weapons were also found in Merksem, in addition to a very large amount of ammunition, as well as tactical vests, night vision goggles and thermal vision goggles. “In principle, a person appearing on the list of terrorists cannot have a license to carry a weapon. It is possible to derogate from this principle within the framework of the investigation so as not to alarm the suspect and therefore not to fail the survey”a statement by M. Van Quickenborne.

A meeting scheduled for Thursday afternoon

This Thursday afternoon, at 2:15 p.m., the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice will answer questions from parliamentarians. The objective? Give elements and details on the operation carried out this Wednesday in the province. This point will also be an opportunity to take stock of right-wing extremism in Belgium. In other words, is there a threat in our country? Many questions await answers.

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