Debunking Colon Cleansing Myths: Expert Advice on Natural Bowel Health

2023-10-28 21:05:22

Al-Marsad newspaper: General surgery and obesity consultant, Dr. Ahmed Ali Al-Ghamdi, revealed that there is no such thing as colon cleansing, commenting on the widespread clips about ways to cleanse the colon.

Al-Ghamdi said in a video clip he posted on his account on the X platform that a person purifies himself by entering the bathroom naturally and there are no problems with excretion.

He continued that when body waste comes out easily, this is normal for the body, but if constipation occurs, this indicates that there is something abnormal, which is causing hemorrhoids or a fissure.

He explained that this problem can be solved by eating leafy greens such as salad, walking, and taking laxatives when needed.

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