Decoding Your Skin: Messages from Your Face about Health and Longevity

2023-06-21 09:19:00

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The skin is a complex organ capable of revealing several important messages about your health and well-being.

Texture, color, luminosity, hydration and the presence of skin problems such as acne, eczema or redness can provide indications of general skin condition and overall health. !

Your skin is communicative and reveals several messages! Do we really age our arteries? Answer here!

A person’s face says a lot about their age.

If you walk down the street showing a photo and asking passers-by to guess the age of the person in the photo, most people will look closely at the person’s face before giving their guess.

In most cases, about 90% of the time, bystanders’ age estimates would be correct or close to the real thing.

This experiment shows that it is possible to determine a person’s age from their face! Is this also the case with regard to longevity?

Your face, indicator of your health

From a person’s face, it is possible to identify their biological age! If this may seem trivial, in the medical community, the approach is quite different. Do we really age our arteries?

In reality, it’s an approach that turns out to be true. Indeed, with age, the arteries thicken and cause narrowing of the blood vessels, then generating cardiovascular diseases that can lead to death.

The aging of the arteries and other organs of the body also manifests itself through facial features!

That’s why doctors advise taking care of your body, especially your organs, to maintain good health as you age.

Longevity would be written on the face?

Dermatology reveals longevity through visible signs on the face, according to a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology.

The researchers assessed the difference between perceived age and chronological age using facial photographs.

People perceived as younger were associated with fewer age-related diseases (osteoporosis, pulmonary, hearing loss, visual loss), while those perceived as older were associated with more serious health problems.

Thus, dermatology can potentially provide clues to a person’s longevity. However, the association between facial dermatology and health is subject to debate.

Although sometimes the facial appearance can reveal signs of disease, it is rare to be able to draw precise conclusions.

The study that associated certain diseases with facial appearances is not factually accurate, as genetic predisposition and other factors can influence the onset of these diseases at any age!

Reading longevity and health on a person’s face is not always true, only a doctor can assess a person’s state of health!

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