Deeply, “Num Attaporn” posted her thoughts to JSL, the first school, to have a job and a living.

This is another big news that shocked many people. after yesterday JSL Global Media Company Limited Announced the cessation of some operations. from the impact of DIGITAL DISRUPTION and the spread of COVID-19 After making a legend for more than 43 years in the entertainment industry

latest “Young-Attaphon Thiemakorn” famous actor posted a picture of the letter of JSL Global Media Company Limited with the message that “Thank you to JSL, the school and the first institute in my professional life. The beginning from the 1st generation, the 5th building walked on that day. gave me a job to make a living for myself family and people around I would like to say thank you to Ton, Phi Phi, and all of you.”

as well as “Ta Narakorn” Former host of the JSL program of JSL during the year 2000 – 2005, at that time broadcasted on TMB 5 HD yesterday after hearing the news. has posted a message to this news that “Confirm the news of the closure of the legendary giant entertainment company That has created countless hosts and actors in the Thai entertainment industry “JSL”, of course, employees will be shocked and saddened. because it’s a lightning announcement no advance notice But if you look from the point of view of the company’s executives It would be equally painful.

I have received information that the company has been facing the problem of excess debt for more than a year. The management tried to increase the capital several times but was unsuccessful until the debt defaulted despite the debt like this. Never had a problem before. because there is always a source of money to borrow Creditors are confident that Lend and have a chance to get it back But in this era, it is very difficult to find a loan source. I read the comments in the news and was very sad. As Ta, who had been given the opportunity from JSL to be the host of “Jaw Jai” program for 5 years, I would like to express my condolences to all parties, both employees and company executives. always trying to solve problems We will love you forever. JSL (PS. Comments are not polite. Permission to delete.)”

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