Dejounte Murray traded in Atlanta? Let’s go coffee DI-RECT

The strength of go coffee, it’s also being able to improvise a live broadcast, there, like that, as soon as a big trade falls. This was the case a few hours ago, in the middle of the night, because for us “night” doesn’t mean much. Dejounte Murray sent to Atlanta for pasta and condiments? Come on, send the replay!

There will have been a few minutes of calm, but it was time for Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams Charania to have a little pee. Then Bradley Beal and James Harden declined their player option, then Patty Mills decided to sound out the market, then… DEJOUNTE MURRAY HAS LEFT FOR ATLANTA. The package? Danilo Gallinari, a lot of first-round picks, and tears by the tens of liters to see the one who had recently become the darling of the house go. Business business, the Hawks now have a backcourt of the most swags and the Spurs will therefore begin the hunt for Victor by slamming pick and roll Joshua Primo / Deandre Ayton, why not Mrs. Quenotte. We ? We ingested the info, we installed the set-up and we hastened to talk to you about all this live on Twitch, because a Free Agency is something you live with.

It’s going too fast, everything is really going too fast, so we hurry to get this replay because as soon as the viewing is over… these gentlemen Woj and Shams will hear their alarm clock ringing and will make our lives today a madness . Very soon, very soon.

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