“Demand for abortion after affair”… Girl group A, born in 1988, accused of incest

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[이데일리 스타in 윤기백 기자] “Born in 1988, a trio, a girl group.”

The suspicion of an affair with A, a former member of a famous girl group, has been raised, and attention is focused on the authenticity.

On the 5th, an article titled ‘My husband had an affair with a celebrity and even had an abortion’ was posted on an online community.

The author said, “I have been married for three months. During my marriage, I found out about my husband’s legs, and the woman he met is a celebrity and is currently pregnant.” “If my husband had a bad relationship with me or had a fight, he lived in that woman’s house for a day or two, then came back and lived again without any problems. It was repeated several times and I realized it late.”

The author claimed that Mr. A, who was designated as an incestuous woman, was “born in 1988 and came from a three-member girl group.” He said, “The two had been dating for a year before marriage, and the husband said that they had ended their affair. asked for rain. She also revealed that she would charge her child support if she didn’t pay for the abortion surgery.”

Regarding her husband, “Mr. A had an abortion, so I asked her to trust me again. But she couldn’t believe even those words, so she asked for a divorce.” “Her husband revealed that he would divorce her if he paid off all the debts and fines owed to him.” The article has now been deleted.

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