Demarcation of maritime borders… a document confirming ‘recognition of Israel’

A document on the official website of the United Nations is being circulated on social media about the exchange of messages between Lebanon and Israel following the maritime agreement to demarcate the maritime borders.

Tweeters launched a campaign against the team of former President Michel Aoun and “Hezbollah”, given that the document proves that the maritime agreement with Israel is tantamount to a treaty of recognition of the Hebrew state, despite all that the “reluctance” team has put forward to deny the matter.

The tweeters regained the great gains achieved by Tel Aviv from the agreement, and what they called “selling illusions” to the Lebanese people, and turning the agreement into a “divine victory.”

And last October, Lebanon and Israel signed the final “historic agreement” to demarcate the maritime borders between them, after long negotiations mediated by the United States. President Michel Aoun and then Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid signed two separate letters approving the text of the agreement. At the United Nations headquarters in Naqoura, the messages were delivered to the American mediator, Amos Hochstein, without any handshaking between the representatives of the two parties.

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