Democrats raise white flags in Ratchaburi elections

Democratic Republic of Sawaew does not send candidates to run for re-election of the Ratchaburi MPs after losing 3 matches in a row before

On April 21, 2022, news reports from the Palang Pracharat Party (PPC) stated that in the afternoon of April 22 there will be a meeting of the party executive committee. The Democratic Party at the party’s office to consider the submission of candidates for the election of MPs in District 3, Ratchaburi Province, instead of Ms. Parina Kraikup. After General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and the party leader has returned to Thailand After saying goodbye during Songkran to go abroad​

Since Gen. Prawit came back Party leaders gradually traveled to meet at the Royal Forest Foundation. continually And there have been some talks about the election field to fix the MPs, District 3, Ratchaburi Province. but have not yet concluded that will send candidates Or send anyone to run for election? The important factor at the moment is​ The qualification of a candidate to be affiliated with a political party for 90 days makes it difficult for the party to find a locally known and suitable person who is a party member.​ Even though there have been some nominees in the past without any problems with party members. But many leaders worry that it will not be known enough to allow the party to win.

In addition, the remaining government and council period is less than 1 year, there will be a big election. As a result, some leaders suggested that to refrain from sending candidates for this election to be repaired first. Even if it is an area that PPC is the former champion. But the impact is still less than sent and lost. Because if sent and lost, it will cause the party to be seen as losing repeatedly. The overall approval rating of the party is not good. After losing 3 matches in a row before But there are some leaders who agree that they have to send because it is the old area of ​​the party by at the meeting The BAAC on that date will come to a conclusion on this matter. which has a high tendency to NDP will not send candidates to run for re-election

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