Demonstration of May 1st, India in crisis, American withdrawal from Afghanistan …

International day of struggle for workers' rights, this Saturday in Paris.

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International day of struggle for workers’ rights, this Saturday in Paris.

Demonstration of May 1 under Covid. Defense of employment and freedoms: for the second year in a row, the unions celebrated International Workers’ Day on Saturday in the light of Covid-19, but this time social mobilization has taken on classic tunes, with dozens of thousands of demonstrators in the street. On the far right, Marine Le Pen took the opportunity to unveil the start of a youth program, while the Lille parade was the scene of theunion of the left ruined by Jean-Luc Mélenchon. A Paris, Release listened to what the protesters had to say “In an extraordinary context”. Read our article. At the very end of the demonstration, violence targeting the CGT left 21 injured, 4 of whom were serious. An investigation was opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office. Our interview.

India is sinking deeper into the health crisis. Saturday, a plane carrying equipment was loaded at the French airport of Roissy, direction India. Further supplies from many countries are expected in the coming days. International medical aid, announced by more than 40 countries, started arriving this week in India, where hospitals are sorely lacking in beds, oxygen and medicine. Read our article. The country has recorded nearly 400,000 new contaminations in the past 24 hours and 3,689 additional deaths on Sunday, the largest increase ever recorded in one day, bringing the total toll to more than 215,000 deaths.

Beginning of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan. The United States officially began on Saturday the withdrawal of its last soldiers from Afghanistan, which when completed will spell the end of a 20-year war for them, but will open a period of great uncertainty for a country under growing grip. of the Taliban. Read our interview.

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Death of Ethiopian producer Amha Eshèté. Without him, most of the treasures of the golden age of Ethiopian music which panicked Patti Smith, Elvis Costello, Marc Ribot, John Zorn or Jim Jarmusch, would not have been able to exist. Ethiopian producer Amha Eshèté died Thursday at the age of 78. Read our article.

In Brussels, “the Boom 2” degenerates. Bis repetita in Brussels. Just a month after the violent events of “La Boum 1”, thousands of people decided to put the cover back on Saturday afternoon by gathering in the same Bois de la Cambre to dance and protest after more than a year of crisis. sanitary. It ended with clashes between law enforcement and revelers. Results: 15 participants and 13 police officers were injured. Our report.

A Franco-French European Rugby Cup final. La Rochelle dominated the Irish Leinster (32-23) Sunday in Charente-Maritime and joined Stade Toulouse in the final of the European Cup, for a sixth confrontation between French clubs at this level of the competition. Read our article.

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In Paca, right and macronists marching towards the alliance facing the RN. Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Sunday the withdrawal from the LREM list in favor of outgoing LR Renaud Muselier. The latter immediately lost the support of the Republicans. Things are getting complicated for the right in the face of the siphoning of its electorate set up by the presidential party. Our article.

May 1: Mélenchon and Hidalgo, solitary and sectarian riders for 2022. Division weekend in the camp of the environmental left. In “the JDD”, the mayor of Paris dismisses this Sunday the idea of ​​a process of designation of the candidate for the primary defended by Yannick Jadot and Benoît Hamon. Saturday, it is Jean-Luc Mélenchon who had made a separate band. Our ticket.

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School nurses at the end of their rope: “I’d rather laugh than cry”. Since the start of the pandemic, these professionals have had to deal with degraded working conditions as best they can. The deployment of self-tests and the vagueness surrounding the resumption in face-to-face for the students add to the difficulties for an already exhausted profession. Testimonials.

Precariousness: the blues of social workers. Increase in demands, high turnover, reduced staff, work less and less focused on support: since the first confinement, social workers have mentioned a situation that has become “Unmanageable”. Our article.

“Preparing for a wedding is good, but not three”: the endless postponements of the bride and groom. How to organize a wedding in the midst of a pandemic, when restrictions are linked, providers threaten to go bankrupt and relatives are not guaranteed to be able to travel? Words of the bride and groom.

“Laughter cements the social relationship” On the occasion of World Laughter Day this Sunday, Guillaume Dezecache, lecturer in social and experimental psychology at Clermont-Auvergne University, explains to “Liberation” the mechanisms of laughter and some of its virtues. Our interview.

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