Denise Rosenthal’s video that “clarifies” rumors of a love break after Camilo Zicavo’s alleged infidelity

During the last days, Farandulandia was revolutionized by the rumors of infidelity from Camilo Zicavo to Denise Rosenthal, couples who married in March of this 2022.

Everything arose after some flirtatious chats of the singer were leaked, which although they did not say anything explicit, some intentions could be read between the lines that were questioned by users in the cyber world.

However, beyond the cahuines, everything indicates that the lovebirds continue to walk together hand in hand. So at least it could be seen after a series of records that “Niss” uploaded to their social networks.

Through her Instagram account, she shared some stories in which she is very affected after her cat brought a little bunny into her house, which was in poor health.

the commented video

Then, in another story, he showed how he leaves the animal in its burrow. Everything, while the rabbit manages to walk on its own towards its interior.

The striking thing is that in the video you can hear the voice of Zicavo, who was with her at that time. In fact, she can be heard screaming at the bunny’s great achievement.

With this, it is clear that beyond the rumors and cahuines, the couple has not separated as has been speculated in the entertainment world.

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