Denmark Quran Burning Protest: Embassy Summons Charche Dafe

2023-07-29 06:47:10

Jeddah: Protest over burning of Quran copy in Denmark The Embassy of Denmark in Saudi Arabia summoned Charche Dafe. The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs made it clear. Violate all religious teachings and international laws and norms. including Saudi’s call to end its despicable activities The embassy has handed over the protest note to Sharshe Dafek and foreign affairs. Karya Mantralaya said.

Extremists burn copies of Quran in Denmark They will also raise hateful slogans against Muslims. Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on 22nd of this month condemning Yathi. had been released. Its continuation is now the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark M Call on Basi Sharshe Dafe to stop the despicable activities Handing over the protest note.

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