Deputies dismiss Alito in the Interior Commission

Under the protection of the security personnel of the Chamber of Deputies and even an element of the National Guard, the 21 deputies of Morena, PVEM and PT in the Government Commission agreed in fast-track the removal of PRI member Alejandro Moreno as president of that instance, due to the accusations against him for alleged illicit enrichment, money “laundering” and gender violence.

Although the morenista members of the working group arrived yesterday with the proposal to make an exciting proposal to the Political Coordination Board in the Palacio de San Lázaro to cease Alitothe petista Gerardo Fernandez Norona He surprised them and ended up imposing his proposal to vote right there for the removal of the folksy man.

“It is unacceptable that a fellow legislator has the conduct that he has maintained (…). It is unacceptable that Alejandro Moreno chairs the Government Commission, that cannot be accepted, tolerated, and our people are fed up with impunity”, he harangued.

The morenistas Amílcar Sandoval and Mario Llergo timidly insisted on the original proposal and on taking “very punctilious” care of the procedure, admitting that the regulations do not give the commission powers to remove its president.

The coordinator of the parliamentary majority of Morena, Ignatius Miereven came to the meeting to reconcile the dispute between his bench and Fernández Noroña.

Finally, he gave free rein to his legislators by recognizing the freedom of the members of the commission to request the removal, although he anticipated that it would correspond to the Political Coordination Board settle the matter.

In the absence of the representatives of the PAN, PRI, PRD and MC, the deputies of the so-called fourth transformation unanimously endorsed the removal of Alejandro Moreno and requested that the decision be ratified by the plenary session at the beginning of the next session in September.

At least fifteen deputies from Morena and PT requested at various times to the Political Coordination Board the cessation of Alito Moreno at the head of the Government Commission, but, in the absence of a response, eight secretaries of the working group called a meeting supposedly to vote on draft opinionsbut reserving the removal in “general matters”.

Previously, legislators from the coalition Together we will make history They left Moreno “planted” four times in his calls to the Commission’s Board of Directors, for which he dismissed two: Gerardo Fernández Noroña and Itzel Alelí Domínguez.

“Upon accumulating four absences during this semester, both discharges were notified to the Political Coordination Board through official letters LXV/CGP/2022/0181 and LXV/CGP/2022/0183, where the document consisting of the attendance lists, voting lists and the corresponding calls”, explained the PRI in a letter addressed to the governing body.

He argued that yesterday’s meeting was “clearly illegal”, because in addition to being signed by secretaries whose appointments have not been notified, there were no material elements to justify it.

Opposition accuses militarization in San Lázaro; Mier denies coup

After describing the meeting convened by the commission’s secretaries as “illegal”, the PRI parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies he failed the unusual security device in the Palacio de San Lázaro.

“The National Guard invades the Chamber of Deputies. President Sergio Gutiérrez Luna, you exceeded your powers. You violated the premises again. Since the days of the barracks, such aggression had not been seen. We demand kicks from the San Lázaro guard. Let them go fight against drug traffickers”, questioned the PRI group on social networks.

The coordinator of the PRD deputies, Luis Chazaroseconded the claim and accused:

“The militarization reached the Chamber of Deputies. They intend with the National Guard to remove the president of the Government Commission, Alejandro Moreno, clearly it is unconstitutional.

Questioned about it, the brunette Ignatius Mier distanced himself from the operation and denied a “coup d’état” against Alito Moreno by the parliamentary majority.

Oh, I don’t have, I’ll see. No, that if I have no knowledge.

Did you expect rappers from Alito or what?

You have to ask the members of the commission, the secretaries.

—¿Or did they plan to stop it?

—¿To who?

To Alexander Brown.

No no no.


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