Deputy of Morena asks to return to the previous medicine distribution scheme

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In the Chamber of Deputies, the changes in health policy, particularly the supply of medicines, They received criticism from the federal deputy of Morena, Patricia Armendáriz.

The legislator and businesswoman stated that although the federal government has allocated sufficient resources to address the problem, failures in the purchasing system implementedthey must be corrected.

He even spoke out in favor of the country resumes the previous mechanism for the acquisition and distribution of medical suppliesand hand over control of that area to the IMSS, because the solutions implemented in the current administration “do not work.”

He stressed that policies on the matter, They are the ones that are causing the shortage of medicines that afflicts the country.

In previous messages, the Deputy Armendáriz Guerra regretted that the failures in the supply of medicines throughout the country continue to register, “despite the presidential instructions.”

Consequently, he asked the Chief Executive intervene and correct the path.

“We know Mr. President @lopezobrador_ that you have allocated a sufficient budget to cover all the medication needs, but the purchasing system must return to @Tu_IMSS because the current one does not work and the existing dysfunctional distribution causes shortages,” he wrote in one of his accounts. on Twitter, @PAmendarizMX.

The previous week, during a working tour of the President of the Republic through the state of Oaxaca, he ponce again raised the promise that the Mexican health system will be efficient and free before the end of his government.

He also ensured that the purchases of medicines for this 2023 and 2024 They are already made, so the population will not lack these products.

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