Details of the ruling in favor of a Kuwaiti ambassador to oblige a Moroccan businesswoman to pay him $ 500 million

Al-Marsad newspaper: An American court has ordered a Moroccan businesswoman to pay $500 million in favor of a Kuwaiti ambassador, years after a legal dispute between them.

The Kuwaiti diplomat has filed cases before courts in several countries, including Morocco, for nearly five years, and a Moroccan court previously imprisoned her and her husband, whom she claimed she married after her divorce from the Kuwaiti ambassador, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Rai.

The businesswoman was released after serving a two-year prison sentence due to her accusation by the Kuwaiti ambassador of marital infidelity and forgery.

The case aroused great controversy amid Moroccan public opinion, which was divided between the two sides of the case, as the businesswoman claimed that her relationship with the Kuwaiti diplomat ended years ago and that she divorced him before she married a Moroccan businessman, while the Kuwaiti diplomat confirmed that she is still owed by him and that her marriage contract that she made Him to court is a forger.

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