Deutschland: AfD Politician (26) with 21 Years of Professional Experience in Question

2023-08-05 20:38:02


AfD politician (26) has “21 years of professional experience”

The AfD is looking for candidates who are to move into the European Parliament in 2024. On Friday, candidate Marie-Thérèse Kaiser caused confused faces.

Published5. Aug 2023, 10:38 p.m

Marie-Thérèse Kaiser had to justify herself on Friday, which is why she can show 21 years of professional experience at the age of 26.


The German AfD party is currently selecting its candidates for the 2024 European elections.

26-year-old Marie-Thérèse Kaiser, who says she has 21 years of professional experience, also stood for election.

She justifies her statement by saying that she started a modeling career at the age of four.

At the beginning of June 2024 it should be decided who to the European Parliament goes. The German right-wing populist party AfD is also nominating candidates who are currently being selected.

On Friday evening, the AfD list for the 2024 European elections was supplemented with five more candidates. Marie-Thérèse Kaiser also wanted to secure a place on it. However, her performance caused astonished faces. Because she stated that she had 21 years of professional experience outside of politics. This is surprising because Kaiser is only 26 years old.

She also insists on her point of view when critical questions are asked. A video shows how Hannes Ernst from the AfD state association in Baden-Württemberg says: “I would like some more information.” For this demand he gets some applause. Grinning, the politician adds: “According to Wikipedia, you are only 26 years old.”

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Marie-Thérèse Kaiser remains calm and says: “That’s correct.” She got the age of four started modelling and was accordingly active as a model for 21 years. Laughter and applause ring out in the hall at the same time. “There’s no training for that. I don’t have a professional qualification for that, that goes without saying. But I’ve worked in this shark tank all my life,” she adds. She energetically makes her final statement: “Anyone who has worked in the fashion industry will see politics as a petting zoo.”

As reported by several German media, the 26-year-old ultimately did not make it onto the AfD list for the European elections. She received 80 votes in the ballot with eight competitors and thus missed the runoff.

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