Devastating Tornado Hits Pfizer Plant in North Carolina, as Extreme Weather Sweeps Across the USA

2023-07-20 16:00:11

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North Carolina, United States / 07.20.2023 10:00:11

A tornado caused extensive damage Wednesday to a major Pfizer plant in North Carolinawhile torrential rains inundated communities of Kentuckyplus an area that goes from California to the south of Florida suffocates under the scorching heat.

Pfizer confirmed that the massive manufacturing complex was damaged when a tornado touched down near Rocky Mount shortly after noon, but added in an email that he had no reports of serious injuries as all employees were evacuated.

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The tornado detached part of the roofs of the huge buildings. the plant of Pfizer stores large amounts of medicines, which were scattered everywheresaid the county sheriff of Nash, Keith Stone.

“I have reports of 50,000 pallets of medicines that are scattered throughout the facilities and have been damaged by rain and wind,” he added. Stone.

The plant produces anesthesia and other drugs, as well as nearly 25 percent of all sterile injectable drugs used in hospitals in USAsaid Pfizer on your website.

Erin Foxsenior director of pharmaceuticals at the University of Utah Medical Center, said the damage “is sure to create long-term shortages as Pfizer rebuilds or works to move production to other sites.”

The National Weather Service tweeted that the damage coincided with a tornado EF3with winds up to 240 kilometers per hour.

The County Police Department Edgecombewhere part of Rocky Mountreported on Facebook that it had reports of three people injured in the tornado, two of them with life-threatening injuries.

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A preliminary report from the neighboring county of Nash reported that 13 people were injured and 89 structures were damaged, according to a WRAL-TV report.

Three residences owned by Brian Varnell and his family in the nearby area of Dortches they suffered damage. Varnell he told the television network that he is grateful that everyone is alive. Her sister and her children hid in the laundry room of her house.

“They were where they needed to be inside the house and everything went well,” Varnell said near a residence that lost its exterior walls and a good part of the roof.

Meanwhile, scorching temperatures and rising waters continued to lash other parts of USA. Phoenix broke an all-time temperature record and rescue teams pulled people from their rain-flooded homes and vehicles in Kentucky.

Forecasters don’t see much relief when it comes to heat and storms. For example, Miami It has experienced a wind chill of at least 37.8 degrees Celsius for weeks, and temperatures are forecast to rise this weekend.

In Kentuckymeteorologists warned of a “life-threatening situation” in the communities of Mayfield y Wingohit by flash flooding from a series of thunderstorms this week.

the governor of Kentucky, Andy Besheardeclared a state of emergency in those areas on Wednesday due to the threat of new storms.

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Forecasters forecast up to 10 inches of rain could still fall in parts of Kentucky, Illinois y Missourinear the place where the rivers converge Ohio y Mississippi.


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