“Developer Demands Yama Carlos and Arfita Dwi Putri Vacate House: The Story Unfolds”

2023-05-30 10:07:13


Arfita Dwi Putri, wife of Yama Carlos, uploaded a letter containing a notification from the developer. The letter was addressed to himself and Yama Carlos.

The contents of the letter were a request that Yama Carlos and Arfita Dwi Putri be able to vacate their house immediately. This happened after the couple was unable to provide certainty regarding the payment of arrears in installments on May 5, 2023.

The developer then sent a letter on May 29 2023. Yama Carlos and Arfita Dwi Putri were asked to vacate the house by May 31 2023 at the latest.

“We, the seller, will inform Ms. Arfita and Mr. Yama regarding the obligation to empty the unit and hand over the house keys no later than 2×24 hours after this letter is given or on May 31, 2023,” said the letter.

“This is because we will soon be renovating the housing unit so that it can be resold,” continued the notification letter.

Arfita Dwi Putri Photo: Instagram

Currently, Arfita Dwi Putri no longer occupies the house. It is known that he is in the process of divorcing from Yama Carlos.

“Until this notice is issued, YC is still living in the house,” he said.

Arfita Dwi Putri could only surrender. He also mentioned that the house was originally going to be given to the child if the divorce was finalized.

“May Allah replace it with more unexpected sustenance, a song for Marco, son,” he hoped.

So far, Yama Carlos has not commented on the letter.

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