“LDPR faction proposes restrictions on entry of foreign pregnant women to Russia: Details and Updates”

2023-05-30 09:20:04

The LDPR faction in the State Duma has begun preparing bills to restrict the entry of foreign women into Russia in late pregnancy, follows from a letter from Yaroslav Nilov, Chairman of the Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, to Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko (Vedomosti has a copy). The initiative is connected with “a significant increase in the number of crimes involving foreign citizens who arrived on the territory of the Russian Federation to carry out labor activities, as well as an increasing number of complaints about interethnic conflicts.”

The party plans to restrict the entry and stay of “a certain category of females in late pregnancy if they do not have Russian citizenship.” At the same time, restrictions should not apply to spouses and close relatives of Russians, the letter says. “The measures being developed are aimed primarily at preventing long-term illegal stays of foreign families with children in Russia and at preventing unnecessary burden on the domestic healthcare, education and social security systems,” writes Nilov Murashko.

In the course of the preparatory work on the bill, the deputy asks the Ministry of Health to provide data on the number of women without Russian citizenship registered with Russian medical institutions to monitor pregnancy, as well as information on children born to this category of women in the period from 2021 to 2023. ” Often the birth of a child in Russia is used to secure a permanent position in our country and receive various social privileges and benefits paid for by the Russian society, ”the LDPR press service told Vedomosti about the essence of the bills being developed.

The draft law will provide for a set of measures to tighten migration legislation in general, Nilov told Vedomosti. The Liberal Democratic Party proposes to establish control over the movement of migrants across Russia, over their place of residence and employment, as well as sending money to their own countries, he said.

The bill will also provide for a ban on entry into the country for women with foreign citizenship in the later stages of pregnancy. At the same time, the ban will not apply to those whose husband or close relatives have Russian citizenship, as well as if there is a contract with a medical institution for pregnancy and childbirth, Nilov noted.

According to him, the “national question” is escalating in Russia due to the fact that emigrants overload the social infrastructure and subsequently enjoy benefits and support measures that are designed for Russian citizens. “Now they tell us that we are bringing a child to kindergarten, and there are half a group of migrants, half a class of migrants to school, half of the queue in hospitals are migrants,” the deputy said.

Nilov said that the LDPR intends to introduce a bill during the spring session of the State Duma.

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