Devin Booker, back against the Pelicans? Great news for Phoenix

Absent since Game 2 of the series against the Pelicans because of an hamstring injury, Devin Booker could return much faster than expected. Indeed, while it was announced up to three weeks of absence, there is a way that the Suns All-Star rear will be on the field in the next few days.

We have a smile on the side of Phoenix today. Not only have the Cactus regained the advantage in their series against the Pels under the impetus of an enormous Mikal Bridges, but in addition it is starting to smell good concerning the return of Devin Booker. According to Adrian Wojnarowski ofESPN, Book is progressing very well in his rehabilitation process and could thus return for the end of the series against NOLA, either for Game 6 on Thursday or in the event of Game 7 on Saturday. So let’s be clear right away, a return for the sixth round still seems tense and knowing that the Suns are not back to the wall for the moment, we imagine that Booker will check the meeting again from the sidelines. It’s not a knockout game for Phoenix, leading 3-2 in the series and fully capable of putting the lid on even without its leading scorer. If we believe Woj, there is certainly a scenario in which the back puts on the sneakers if his progress is confirmed tomorrow but Devin should be listed as out first. In the event that the Pelicans force a Game 7 in Arizona this weekend, the equation is obviously likely to change drastically, with coach Monty Williams saying it “could impact” the Suns’ decision to take him on. make play.

In any case, whether Devin Booker returns to Game 6 or Game 7 or even later, he should first go through the “minute restriction” stage. Because when you miss several Playoff games in a row, it’s complicated to dive back into the deep end. Especially with a sore hamstring that always requires a lot of attention. What we absolutely want to avoid is a premature or too abrupt return that could wake up this pain behind the thigh. Devin Booker’s hamstring is potentially the difference between the Suns winning the first title in franchise history and a hard-to-swallow elimination after a magnificent regular season. The best scenario for Monty Williams’ men is when Phoenix snatches their qualification without Booker in Game 6 with at the same time a series that extends between Dallas and Utah (3-2 for Dallas, Game 6 Thursday night) , the two potential opponents of the Suns in the Western Conference semifinals. That would give Book a few more days to put that physical glitch behind him for good, and get back in shape for the second round. We cross fingers !

Devin Booker is on his way back and that’s obviously great news for the Suns today in a big battle against the Pelicans. Phoenix needs its All-Star rear to validate the best regular season in its history with an NBA title next June, and thus dash the hopes of those who wanted to take advantage of this injury to take control of the West.

Source texte : ESPN

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