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On the way to the wooden house: Prefabricated houses remain in demand – or are they no longer?
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Uncertain funding: Many customers are holding back on buying a house, says Moritz Beul, head of the prefabricated house manufacturer DFH. But the prefabricated house is on the rise. Wood has many advantages for him.

Mr. Beul, you manage one of the larger prefabricated house manufacturers in Germany. But less is being built in this country. Is the prefabricated house also in crisis?

Jan Hauser

Editor in business, responsible for real estate.

Not at all! The prefabricated house is even on the rise. Building permits for single-family homes and two-family homes fell by more than 40 percent last year, but the share of manufactured homes has grown. Prefabricated wooden houses that we manufacture are in particular demand. Nevertheless, our sales and profits are also falling, although we remain profitable. We will certainly see some more bankruptcies. The pie is rapidly shrinking, but we are getting more and more of it.

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