Diablo 4 patch note: Nerfs for many builds ahead of release, players already angry

2023-06-05 14:30:02

Expected on June 06 for a worldwide launch, Diablo 4 is already available for a handful of players: those who have taken the Deluxe or Ultimate edition have early access to the game. Since Friday June 02 at 01:00 French time , some can enjoy the colossal title content that displays an unparalleled staging for the license. In addition to a very neat artistic direction, Diablo IV returns with the Diablo II talent tree. For many, the variety of things possible for his character is likely to be colossal… especially since Blizzard has just made a lot of changes.

Patch note 1.0.2d de Diablo 4

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“Why should we pay this shot?

A fairly massive balancing patch that attracts its share of unhappy people. On the social network Reddit user Vash135 opened a topic titled “Blizzard, make the respec free in the balancing phase“. It should be noted that in Diablo 4, each talent change costs gold coins. This can therefore quickly represent a small fortune for the players. Hence Vash135’s concern with this update:

Everyday it seems like Blizzard is making huge changes to class skills and changing how certain builds work. Some, like the Necro’s Servants and Sorcerer’s Hydras, go from good to nearly useless. Other modifications can drastically change or completely ruin builds. So, if you are in a phase where you frequently make huge “balancing” changes instead of seasonally. Players need more time to adapt to changes. High level players feel really bad when they have to change their build or redo their paragon board because you keep “tweaking” abilities. Why should we pay this cost?

Two parties then clash: those who believe that the gold coins are recovered quickly thanks to the sale of the objects that we find on our way, the others who consider that this supernumerary equipment is mainly used for recycling to benefit from materials raw. It is then necessary to find the happy medium which, according to some, is difficult to find. On top of that, Blizzard has a habit of offering currency refunds in-game for its games during balancing patches: this is the case with Hearthstone, for example, which in a way reinforces the legitimacy of the question.

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