The Controversial Departure of Julian Nagelsmann from Bayern Munich: Debating His Arrogance, Tactical Innovations, and Potential Move to PSG

2023-06-05 15:02:13

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A young coach full of tactical innovations. This is how Julian Nagelsmann is regularly presented. Rather, his detractors point to his arrogance and haughty statements. For him, Bayern Munich had sent his principles out of the way, paying transfer compensation to RB Leipzig and offering him a 5-year contract, the longest granted to a coach in Bavaria. All this shattered on March 24, with a brutal dismissal, which is still being debated across the Rhine.

“Bayern’s choice to get rid of Nagelsmann was unnecessary. Especially when we see that Tuchel hasn’t really managed to turn the team around.”explains Tristan Bernert, journalist for Football Transfers. “He could also have been fired earlier, but the timing was not right”. Seeing him cited as PSG’s priority to succeed Christophe Galtier is not considered so surprising in Germany, even if there are many mockeries on social networks.

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Taken to task by the stars of Bayern

“Hoffenheim, Leipzig, PSG, Nagelsmann loves plastic clubs”, “He doesn’t have the shoulders to run a diva club, he should have proven his skills a notch lower”, opinions are sometimes harsh against the young technician (35 years old). Especially since his ability to manage stars is far from certain. Several articles have reported on its difficulties in the face of the most abundant CVs of its workforce. For example, Sadio Mané took him to task after the return match against PSG, disappointed to have played only 8 minutes. And Nagelsmann had allowed himself to be intimidated… Likewise, he was unable to keep the support of his players as to his tactical choices, and finally gave up to install again the 4-2-3-1 dear to certain managers. .

This is reminiscent of the situations experienced by Thomas Tuchel at PSG, when he had given in to part of his locker room to install a 4-4-2 which he did not like. “In Germany, people remember how Tuchel was sacked when he had done a very good job. The PSG bench is considered a real trap”, continues Tristan Bernert. Nagelsmann, if he were to take the job, would therefore be considered brave, or crazy, especially after his Bayern adventure came to an abrupt end. He who had acquired a good reputation with Hoffenheim then RB Leipzig would take the risk, in the event of failure at PSG, to tarnish it for a while.

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