Didier Petit goes on an adventure with ten musicians at the Sons d’hiver festival

The Sons d’hiver festival is not cold in the eyes. Subtitle from the 30e edition: “We believe in it”. In the towns of Val-de-Marne as in Paris, the event offers improvised music, until February 13, all from unforeseen traditions, haunted by the free spirit of “Great Black Music”. Clinging, as its director Fabien Simon says, to an “alternative” edition – with concerts reserved for professionals, recordings, podcasts.

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Famoudou percussionist Don Moye’s concert, Odyssey & Legacy Quintet (Sunday January 24, at the Quai Branly Museum) has emblem value. We recognize the paw of anthropologist Alexandre Pierrepont. A charge, for the converts of the 25e time to recognize, them, the contribution of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, of which Famoudou Don Moye was a fundamental member.

Between Elise Caron, Marilyn Mazur and David Murray or the great Archie Shepp at the height of his expression (with Jason Moran), the place is very open to adventures. In this sense, the 11tet brought together by Didier Petit at the Antoine-Vitez Theater in Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne), Thursday January 28 (schedule shifted to 3 p.m. and audience reduced to around thirty guests), also has emblem value. The cellist is not cold in the ears.

Joy of living

His project “The Worlds from here, from one moment to another” brings together eleven artists living in France, like the Art Ensemble in the past, “With their cultural baggage, their memories, their energies, their generosity, their practices, thanks to the place they have been able to make here”, says Didier Petit. The cellist, producer, radiant agitator (born in Reims in 1962) does not know how to age. Neither aesthetically nor physically. He keeps his laughter and his going, knows how to transmit, goes to the essentials, takes his time.

Didier Petit is a desired partner (Denis Colin, Sonia Masson, Jean-François Pauvros, Marilyn Crispell, Jac Berrocal, André Minvielle …)

He is a desired partner (Denis Colin, Sonia Masson, Jean-François Pauvros, Marilyn Crispell, Jac Berrocal, André Minvielle…). Despite a musical background and a very classical apprenticeship, he joined Alan Silva’s Celestrial Communication Orchestra very early on. Takes responsibilities in the Institute for Artistic and Cultural Perception (IACP). Founds a label (In Situ). Doubles, without giving up anything on his desire and his joy of living.

Placed in an arc on stage: Yaping Wang (yangqin, born in Taipei), Dramane Dembélé (tambin and cora, born in Abidjan), Adel Shams El-Din (riqq, born in Cairo), Lucie Taffin (formidable accordionist, born in Paris), Hu’o’ng Thanh (voice, born in Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City), Alexeï Aïgui (violin, born in Moscow), Pablo Nemirovsky (bandoneon, born in Buenos Aires), Ramon Lopez (monster of drums and tablas, born in Alicante), Mike Ladd (vocals, born in Boston), Jiyun Song (daegeum, born in Seoul), Didier Petit (cello and voice off-track, born in Reims).

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