Diego Giuliano: “We will continue in the FdT if it shows the will to win the elections”

2023-06-07 00:00:00

The Frente Renovador sent a strong signal to the Frente de Todos, casting doubt on “unity” in view of the upcoming elections, when the Minister of Transportation of the Nation, Diego Giulianosaid that “the FR will continue in the FdT to the extent that they show the will to win elections.”

In an interview with telamGiuliano also sent a signal for the next National Congress of the FR that he leads Sergio Massa. “It is the position of Giuliano and that of several within the space,” they confided to PROFILE from your environment. The closing of alliances is next June 14.

The claim points to the various pre-candidacies already announced in the Frente de Todos. Today, formally, they are Daniel Scioli, Agustín Rossi y Juan Grabois. Edward “Wado” of Peter He is also working on a candidacy despite not having made his electoral intentions official, a path similar to that of Sergio Massa. Which What they don’t want in the FR is that there are “4-point dwarf” candidates in the ruling party.

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“On Saturday we are going to carry out the National Congress of the Renovation Frontwhere, of course, when decisions are made, which have to do with the electoral process, we have, in this case, to analyze what will be our participation in the electoral process and obviously we are We are part of the Frente de Todos and, of course, we will continue in the Frente de Todosworking on that in this political space to the extent that the Frente de Todos demonstrates, as we know, the will to win the elections“, Guiliano said.

And he added: “Why? Because that is essential. We have to work on a competitive system and allow us to continue with a country project that must be clear about the course. Then the measures will come, the corrections that have to be made in each area will come, but the fundamental course, because Argentina gets ahead with work and production, and not with financial speculation, and let’s say, a centralist and unitary look “.

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Although Sergio Massa has not been as categorical with his statements as Giuliano was this Tuesday, he has stated his position contrary to that of some inmates within the ruling coalitionan initiative led by the president himself Alberto Fernandez.

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It is also worth remembering the tense relationship between Daniel Scioli and massismo in general -not only Sergio- since since Malena Galmarini until Cecilia Moreau have launched criticism against the current ambassador of Brazil.

“In this sense, we are going to strongly support the proposal, of course the leader of the renovating front, which is Sergio Massa, will make the decision as to what his participation will be. But the problem is not what is the participation of Massa, but the fundamental objective of having a competitive proposal and winning the elections and having the tools to win the elections means that consensus”, concluded Giuliano.

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