“From the bluff to the end”: The three adventurers who will find themselves on the posts of “Koh-Lanta: The Sacred Fire” are known

2023-06-06 21:55:20

Gathered in front of Denis Brogniart, Tania, Julie, Frédéric and Nicolas listen carefully to the instructions. Three markers are to be found: the century-old wood, the scree of stones and the liana tree. Everyone goes in one direction. Objective ? Find the location, look for the beacon within a radius of 20 steps to finally get your hands on the dagger synonymous with qualification for the posts.

The first adventurer to find the vine tree, Nicolas is one step ahead of his comrades. In all, the Corsican will only take 40 minutes to dig up the famous dagger and qualify for the ultimate test of Koh-Lanta.

For their part, the girls, more determined than ever, comb through the part of the island where the hundred-year-old tree is supposed to be. Beacon located, Tania tries to cover the tracks so that Julie does not realize anything. The dietician then joins Denis Brogniart in order to have the information which will allow him to find the dagger. After 4 hours and 40 minutes of searching, the young woman finally finds her treasure and cries, with tears in her eyes: “I’m on the poles!” A practically unexpected place for the tennis player who has been nominated for all the councils and eliminated twice from Koh-Lanta. A career that has earned him the nickname “Phoenix”.

Distraught, Julie then goes in search of the stone scree but Frédéric has already done part of the job by finding the beacon. It will take no less than 5 hours and 20 minutes for the adventurer to find the dagger and in turn qualify for the poles. “What a relief !”, he launches in front of a Julie for whom the adventure ends at the end of the emblematic ordeal of Koh-Lanta. “I knew orientation was not my fortesays the professional footballer. I’m less sad because I tell myself that I was bad.

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As Denis Brogniart points out, the strategy was still very present during the orientation. “There was a bluff until the end!“, declares the presenter in front of a Frédéric, a Tania and a Nicolas proud of their coup.

In the extracts from next Tuesday, the final episode of this season, the final trio is on the posts. Frédéric arrives there however with a handicap, namely a foot injury suffered a few hours earlier. Will the adventurer’s determination overcome his pain? As in previous seasons, the winner of the posts will have the opportunity to choose the opponent with whom he will appear before the final jury. The counting of votes will be done live on TF1.

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