Diego is in Naples! The surprise appearance of the “clone” of Maradona before the quarterfinals between Argentina and the Netherlands in Qatar 2022

Diego Armando Maradona is possibly the most important soccer player in the history of Argentina being considered by many as the greatest player in history, an honor he shares with other stars like Pelé, Lionel MessiJohan Cruyff and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Maradona is remembered for his great performance in the World Cup in Mexico 1986, where he led the Argentine team to win their second World Cup.

36 years after this feat, the selection of Argentina seeks to be crowned world champion again at the 2022 World Cup and get your third star.

In the prelude to the quarterfinal match between Argentina and Netherlandsthrough social networks A video showing the “clone” of Diego Maradona walking in a wheelchair through the streets of Naples went viral.

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The faithful followers of the albiceleste took this surprise appearance as a sign and indicated that Maradona supposedly he will be rooting for them at their next World Cup match.

With dark glasses, a cap, two watches, earrings and even the same type of beard The “clone” of Diego Maradona was seen in the Neapolitan streets.

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This look was very similar to the one the Argentine star used during the 2010 World Cup in South Africawhen he was the coach of the national team and reached the quarterfinal stage.

The images of the “clone” of Maradona, which were captured by local photographer Ciro Pipoli, immediately went viral on social networks and fThey were taken as a premonition about the possible triumph of the albiceleste in Qatar 2022.

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