Digital parenting: the Government launches the platform

While the vast majority of children use or even own at least one piece of digital equipment themselves, the Government is launching a platform to make parents aware of the reasoned and reasonable use of screens for children and to support them. It also presents on this occasion the results of an Ipsos survey carried out in January 2023 on digital parenthood.

Jean-Christophe COMBE, Minister for Solidarity, Autonomy and People with Disabilities of France, Jean-Noël BARROT, Minister Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition and Telecommunications and Charlotte CAUBEL, Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, in charge de l’Enfance, present a communication campaign intended to promote the platform.

If each parent has the reflex to teach their children to swim, to look before crossing and to protect themselves, the same level of vigilance is required when faced with screens. It is in this spirit that the national awareness and prevention campaign, launched today, as part of the 20th anniversary of the Safer internet day (“Safer Internet Day”).

The communication campaign aims to raise awareness of, a simple and practical website that centralizes all the information parents need to better support their children in the face of screens.

This platform, the result of the joint action of the public authorities, family associations, parenting support, child protection and digital companies, makes it possible to answer questions such as “How to install and configure parental controls on your devices and consoles? », « How to configure the filtering of certain content on social networks? “How to activate a screen time limitation tool”?

For a month, on the web, social networks and on television, several videos and vignettes will make parents and children aware of the importance of a reasoned use of screens.

In addition, as part of this new campaign and with the aim of benefiting from recent data on practices that are constantly evolving, the Government, with the Ipsos institute, has focused, in a study, on perceptions, the difficulties encountered and the solutions sought by parents regarding the use of screens by their children.

Extraits de l’étude (voir dossier de presse) :
• En 2023, en France, 96 % des enfants de 3 à 15 ans possèdent eux-mêmes ou utilisent au moins un équipement numérique, avec un risque réel de surexposition. En effet, en moyenne, ils y passent 1 h 19 par jour en semaine, et 2 h 07 les jours de week-end.
• Dans le même temps, seulement 12 % des parents se déclarent sereins sur ce sujet et 6 parents sur 10 privilégient des mesures d’interdiction, avec le sentiment de perdre le contrôle et de voir leur enfant le perdre aussi.

Finally, on the sidelines of the 20th anniversary of Safer Internet Day, Jean-Noel BARROT and Charlotte CAUBEL also held, in Bercy, on February 07, a National Refoundation Council dedicated to the online protection of minors.

On this occasion, they met around a hundred young people to discuss their questions regarding the regulation of content present online. Representatives of the various digital platforms were present to explain their operation and their innovations to improve moderation and offer content adapted to user expectations.

• Find out more: For a reasoned use of screens, press kit National awareness campaign
to digital parenthood, in pdf

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