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  original title:NBA Composite: LeBron James is crowned the all-time scoring leader, the Lakers lose to the Thunder

In the 2022-2023 NBA regular season, there will be multiple games on the 7th. LeBron James will be crowned the scoring leader in NBA history, but the Los Angeles Lakers regret losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder; Jokic’s “triple double”, the Denver Nuggets beat the Minnesota Timberwolves .

Before this game, James was only 35 points away from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 38,387 points in NBA history. In the second quarter of the game between the Lakers and the Thunder, the Thunder scored 40 points in a single quarter, with a double-digit point difference. James scored 20 points at halftime and 16 points in the third quarter, surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 38,388 points to rise to the top of the NBA’s all-time scoring list. In the last quarter, the Lakers once tied the score, but then made consecutive mistakes, and finally lost to the Thunder 130:133.

James scored 38 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists in the game, and Westbrook contributed 27 points, 4 rebounds and 8 assists. For the Thunder, Alexander scored 30 points and 8 assists, and Jaylen Williams scored 25 points, 7 rebounds and 6 steals.

The Nuggets, ranked No. 1 in the West, played against the Timberwolves at home. Jokic returned after the break, led the team to score 49 points in the first quarter, and achieved a 30-point lead. After that, the Timberwolves tried to narrow the point difference to no avail, and the game entered garbage time early. In the end, the Nuggets beat the Timberwolves 146:112.

Jokic scored a “triple double” in the first half, scored 20 points, 12 rebounds and 16 assists in the game, and Porter contributed 30 points and 5 rebounds.

In other games of the day, the Phoenix Suns beat the Brooklyn Nets 116:112, the New Orleans Pelicans beat the Atlanta Hawks 116:107, the New York Knicks beat the Orlando Magic 102:98, and the Chicago Bulls lost to the Memphis Grizzlies 89:104.

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