Dimitris Papanotas: Death to SYRIZA for his statements – What Bekatorou asked for – What he himself answered after the uproar 2024-04-21 11:14:10

The candidate in the European elections with SYRIZA has caused a stir in the field of politics and not only with a statement he made about women. “I don’t see a woman having a problem in Greece or in the EU in general, unless she wants to have one. That is, if she gets a satrap, who abuses her and does not speak and sits and tolerates it is her problem”was the statement of Dimitris Papanotas.

His co-nomination, Sofia Bekatorou, she in turn referred to this statement while she is also in discussions with SYRIZA on how they will proceed regarding the journalist. However, he speaks of a montage product.

“This is cutting edge, it’s not a statement from start to finish. In the early 1990s in similar incidents of gender-based violence against women, I was the only one to react on TV and defend them, resulting in attacks and court cases that lasted for about 12 years. Then all these sensitive people I don’t know where they were and they appeared now”, states Dimitris Papanotas.

“So I thought that because we are not Iran and we are Europe, these issues have been resolved. Lately the complaints from women about gender violence are hundreds. Especially after Sunday’s murder. Clearly there is a serious problem, clearly the Left stands with all abused women and clearly we still have a long way to go to get to a level where we can say we are fine.

I have a very strong stomach, besides we all know who the attackers are. We know who they are, we didn’t expect them to applaud us”, concludes Dimitris Papanotas in his comment.

The journalist was also today (18.04.2024) a guest of Eleni Tsolakis on the show “Proino Sousou” and gave even more detailed answers to what is heard about him.

“Television games are another thing, to have a theme and sell. When a person has someone’s political speech it should be criticized there and not in anything else, and we should retrieve statements from the past and cut and sew. These are not just political indecencies, I don’t even want to characterize them”.

He then said: “I’ve always said to journalists, ‘Ask little and don’t cut things off, play the whole thing so people understand what I’m saying.’ From my statements the 5 minutes became a minute and a half in the broadcasts and the well-wishers made it 5 seconds. What conclusion should one draw from this?

It bothered me that the statement was about the abuse of women because I have proven to be the first to stand up for abused women and did so when others were flying kites. In ’93 and ’94 I went out and defended certain ladies, who had been violently attacked, and I spent 12 years in the courts in a well-known story which the well-wishers did not remember now.’

“I’ve been called a misogynist for cutting a statement, which was a call for women to speak up. They should not make this social problem their individual problem”, added Dimitris Papanotas.

In a tense atmosphere, the Executive Office of SYRIZA is expected to meet at 3 pm, as its agenda is related to tomorrow’s event of the presentation of the party’s European ballot.

In the wake of the mass reactions of executives regarding the ideological mutation, as well as the statements of the MEP candidate, Dimitris Papanotas, the re-evaluation of his candidacy is considered almost a given, without excluding his exit from the Eurolist.

Dimitris Papanotas himself may reply that this is a “cut-and-dry statement”, however the uproar that has been caused is so great that according to information the possibility is now open that he will be excluded from the SYRIZA European ballot…

In his controversial statement, Dimitris Papanotas is reported to have said: “I don’t see a woman having a problem in Greece and in general in the EU, unless she wants to have one.” That is, if she gets a satrap, who abuses her and does not speak and sits and tolerates it is her problem.”

However, there are not a few executives who consider that the responsibilities for the Euro ballot also fall on the composition of the Executive Office, which was in charge of selecting the persons for the Euro list.

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