Ding Ning was asked to “hidden rules” to change his chance after breaking the Cambodian fraud trap… The producer ended up miserably | Entertainment |

Recently, many people have been tempted by high salaries to go to work in Cambodia. They did not expect to be imprisoned and become “pigs” of human trafficking. Golden Bell actor Wu Kangren believes that there is no free lunch in the world, and actress Ding Ning also felt this way and shared it in the entertainment industry. The “crisis” encountered in the circle makes people super-identified.

Ding Ning posted on Facebook, mentioning that all crises are like a shining gem before they can be seen clearly. When she first entered the industry, she had neither connections, experience nor skills. Her only advantage was her youthful appearance. At that time, a producer said on the phone: “I have 3 big programs in my hands, and each program is for you. 5 minutes, how can you not be popular?” He even hinted: “You are not very young, you have to be able to grasp it yourself, have your passport ready, and wait for my call at night.”

Ding Ning was once hinted by the producer to “exchange the body for opportunity”. (Picture / Flip from Ding Ning Facebook)

Ding Ning cried a lot after hanging up the phone. After crying, she unplugged the phone line and told herself that if she had to use “myself” in exchange for a chance, she would rather not do such a job, so she told the other party that she would be good behind the scenes. Heaven has eyes, and none of the producers who tried to deceive her in these ways have stayed until now, “I don’t believe that people with bad hearts can make good shows, even if they can, people with self-awareness will not He works, people are working and the sky is watching.”

However, Ding Ning also thanked these people for making her understand and appreciate herself better, and she believed more that “you have to work harder for the things you love and accept greater shocks and tests to prove that this matter is for you. No matter how irreplaceable you are, you will cherish and appreciate it.” Similarly, you must take responsibility for yourself when you make any decision. If you are greedy for immediate tangible benefits, you will have to pay an intangible price later, which will be unimaginable.

Ding Ning believes that without effort, he is not qualified to talk about enjoyment.  (Picture / Flip from Ding Ning Facebook)
Ding Ning believes that without effort, he is not qualified to talk about enjoyment. (Picture / Flip from Ding Ning Facebook)

Ding Ning believes that life is 70% effort and 30% enjoyment. Before 70% effort is achieved, there is really no right to talk about enjoyment. Although the generations are different and the ideas are different, some things are the same for the ages. “When you fall into a well-designed trap, when your father is not working and your mother is not, this kind of fear is so big that it will last a lifetime. , you can’t fly even if you have wings, why bother?”

Ding Ning reminded that if you think about it, you will understand that there is no idiot in the world who would be willing to pay to make others feel good. All happiness without the previous hard work is fake. “What you get for nothing? Don’t be stupid.” The words of a free lunch, and at the same time thank those who tried to hurt her before, “Don’t pay more now than you will pay later, every decision pays a price.”

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