Supporting Alondrita: Join Paula Manzanal in Helping the Family of Ana Vidal

2024-02-24 18:46:43

SHOCKED. Paula Manzanal has shown to have a good heart on several occasions. This time, the model shared a letter to start a public collection to help the family of Ana Vidal, who was the nanny of her son and who recently died trying to cross the border from Mexico to the United States. .

El Búho lamented the murder of a Peruvian woman on the border with the United States.

“Anita was one of my closest friends, I met her 6 years ago when my baby was born and she was his babysitter for quite some time. Like me, Anita was also a young single mother, who worked and fought for her little Alondrita. A lovely, sweet, intelligent baby. She that she now she has lost the most important piece of her life, her mother. “Anita was part of my family, my parents, siblings and friends loved her very much,” she said.

The popular ‘Tulum girl’ also remembered the good times she spent with her compatriot and the trips he took her to. According to what she said, she was part of her family because her little son considered her a second mother.


“I remember being the first person to take her abroad, I took her to Tulum, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​and the city she always dreamed of visiting: Dubai. “She was my right hand, my confidant, my partner in crime, and the second mother figure for my son that she has never had,” she added.

Peruvian died on the border


The model Paula Manzanal expressed her solidarity with Ana Vidal’s family and with her little daughter Alondrita who has been orphaned. For this reason, the model urged her followers to provide financial support to the family of whom she was the nanny of her little one.

“Anita comes from a very humble family, for all this and more, I want to help her little daughter. Alondrita, 7, her mother and her grandmother, whom I know Anita loved very much and loved them very much. I could do better with the help of you, I’m sure many of you have seen it at some point in my stories, videos, tiktoks, etc. “Anita was murdered in an attack in Mexico on Thursday 15, 2024. I know that this will not be enough to heal the pain of our dear Anita’s family, but I know they need it and Alondrita deserves all our possible help,” she highlighted.


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