Fighting Words: Governor Nacho Torres Takes on Milei, Accuses Caputo, and Exposes Lies – Get the Inside Scoop Here!

2024-02-24 18:09:07

“You shut your mouth or we’re going to screw you with the trolls”: Nacho Torres crossed Milei again, accused Santiago Caputo of being “disastrous” and said that the Minister of Economy lies

The governor of Chubut, Ignacio Torres, tripled the bet in his fight against Javier Milei, accused the presidential advisor Santiago Caputo, libertarian communication guru, of having never worked in his life and being “disastrous” and said that the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo lies when he explains the fight over the cut in co-participation to the Patagonian province.

Torres said that the ultimatum to cut the province’s supply of oil and gas to the country “is not a personal decision, but that of the entire province.”

“It is not a partisan issue, it is an issue of concern in the face of an advance, with a contempt rarely seen, I have no examples to compare of a President who despises such a federal scheme, the provinces, beyond the tawdry and the lack of respect,” said the PRO governor, in his diatribe against President Javier Milei who since the conflict broke out has liked and replied to messages, insults and insults against Torres. Read more.

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