“Discover Lupicia’s Latest Release: Book of Tea Annete – Perfect for Summer Tea Time!”

2023-05-25 10:10:00


LUPICIA, a world-famous tea specialty store, has released a new book in the “Book of Tea” series, “Book of Tea Annete”. From June 23, 2023 (Friday), it will be released at Lupicia and bookstores nationwide.

Lupicia, popular book-shaped tea bag set “Book of Tea”

“Book of Tea Annete” 3,850 yen

“Book of Tea” is a special book-shaped box containing a wide range of tea bags, including black tea, oolong tea, green tea, and herbal tea. It is a popular Lupicia series that has released a total of 19 types of “tea books to experience” so far.

The 20th new work introduces tea that you want to enjoy in summer

“Book of Tea Annete” 3,850 yen

The theme of the 20th and latest work “Book of Tea Annete” is “en été”. As the word means “in the summer” in French, the tea that you want to enjoy in the summer is the main role. This package, reminiscent of a tropical resort, is a set of 30 types of tea bags, such as tea with a refreshing citrus scent, summer-picked black tea, and summer-only tea.

Limited black tea “Setete” with citrus and cider

Limited flavored tea
Limited flavored tea “Setete” 15g petit can (leaf tea)

In addition, a small can of limited flavored tea “Setete” only for this product is included. It has a refreshing flavor with citrus and cider scents.

Original booklet and glass plate are also included.

original glass plate
original glass plate

In addition to explaining 30 types of tea, an original booklet that introduces how to make delicious tea and arrange recipes, and a cool-looking glass plate suitable for summer tea time are also included.

Commodity Information

“Book of Tea Annete”
Release date: Friday, June 23, 2023
* Reservations will be accepted from May 25, 2023 (Thursday).
Price: 3,850 yen
Box size: length 345 x width 225 x thickness 65mm
Contents: 30 types x 1 each (30 pieces), original glass plate (1 piece), limited flavored tea “Setete” 15g petit can (leaf tea), original booklet
Sales stores: Lupicia stores nationwide, online stores, bookstores

Black tea
Nilgiri, Darjeeling the Second Flush, Sri Lanka -The Shining Island-, Afternoon Tea, Belle Epoque
■ Black Tea
Earl Gray, Muscat, Alfonso Mango, Grenada, Beni, Arabian Nights (*seasonal tea), White Sangria, Rosé Royale, British Cooler (*seasonal tea), Honey Lemonade
■ Green tea/Genmaicha (non-flavored)
Chiran Yutaka Midori, Nara Tsukigase, Fukamushi Sencha “Omae-sama”, Matcha Black Bean Genmaicha
■Green tea/Oolong tea
Grapefruit, White Peach Oolong Superb, Passion Fruit Oolong, Rakuen, Sierra Zade (*Seasonal Tea)
Rooibos, Herb, Barley Tea
Yummy, rooibos lemon, rooibos poir, cé parfait! , Ginger & Lemon Myrtle, Fragrant Black Bean Barley Tea

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