“The Sports Observatory: Adnan Justineh’s take on the controversial case of former Al-Ittihad player Kalon”

2023-05-25 16:43:45

Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Adnan Justineh raised several questions about the case of the former Al-Ittihad player, “Kalon”.

Justinia wrote on his official account on Twitter: “For the benefit of who opened the Calon case at this particular time?!, and who is the instigator of that?!, at a time when this case has passed for years and at a time when we see all the Christian attempts from last season looking for the stumbling of Al-Ittihad Club In the interest of their club to raise issues from time to time.

And he continued: “With all due respect to Dr. Omar Al-Khouli, most of the information he mentioned is unfounded, and I was a witness to the era in that time period, and I know the whole truth. Raising the issue of the player Calon at this time raises suspicions and a despicable game whose goal is not in the interest of the federation.”

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