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Currently, health care trends are popular. There are a variety of exercises to choose from and eating recipes to lose weight and reduce fat that are abundant in modern times. But many people still can’t decide. So let’s try to choose from the oils used for cooking first. Because if we choose better, we may reduce the risk of various diseases. Helps the body to repair itself. Today’s news team PPTV Online takes you to learn about olive oil, which can be used for frying, stir frying, or making salad dressing.

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In addition, olive oil is found to contain various fatty acids, especially polyunsaturated fatty acids. (Polyunsaturated Fat) Monounsaturated fatty acids. (Monounsaturated Fat) that will help reduce bad fat levels in the body. This may help reduce the risk of developing diseases from high blood fat levels, such as heart disease. and may contain phytochemicals That is useful in preventing various diseases.

Expected Benefits of Olive Oil!

Helps reduce cholesterol levels Because there is no salt in olive oil. Plus it’s cholesterol-free. And rich in unsaturated fats up to 77%, especially oleic acid or monounsaturated fatty acids. Rich in antioxidants I must say that it is more special than other oils in that it is found only in olive oil. Just one tablespoon of olive oil contains up to 8% of the vitamin E your body needs each day. Olive oil also contains natural antioxidants and polyphenols That is not found in other types of oil. Prevent the occurrence of heart disease and blood vessels. Olive oil has a higher amount of monounsaturated fatty acids than other vegetable oils such as soybean oil. sunflower seed oil Therefore, people who regularly receive monounsaturated fatty acids from olive oil. There will be a low level of LDL cholesterol in the blood, which LDL is one of the important factors causing heart disease and stroke. It also reduces the risk of developing blood vessel disease. Reduce platelet clotting. Helps strengthen blood vessels It also helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease as well. It helps reduce diabetes in many ways. Because olive oil is high in antioxidants. This antioxidant can help reduce damage from oxidative stress. As a result of high blood sugar levels. Therefore greatly reducing the risk of complications from diabetes. including symptoms arising from various types of nerves destroyed by diabetes

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Dr. Teerawat Hemajutha, Director of the Emerging Disease Health Science Center Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post via Facebook Thiravat Hemachudha Thiravat Hemachudha It was revealed that olive oil has been an important component of the Mediterranean diet that has been consumed for more than 2,000 years. Olive oil is not heated. (not stir-fried with rice) 4 tablespoons per day Work that proves that Extra-virgin olive oil called extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO), red label, is beneficial in dementia. By scientists from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, reported in the June 2017 journal Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology.

This was done in experimental animals. They genetically modify the genetic material, or triple transgenic mice, in which the brain exhibits abnormalities seen in people with Alzheimer’s dementia. There is a buildup of beta amyloid toxins, including neurofibrillary tangle from the protein tau (Tau). The study was done in 2 groups of rats.

The first group was fed a diet containing extra virgin olive oil and the second a normal diet. All of this began when the mice were six months old and still had no signs of Alzheimer’s. And there is an evaluation of the behavior and ability of the rats to perform various activities as a basis from the beginning. There were no differences in the two groups of rats. Tests such as Y-maze, Fear conditioning, and Morris water maze were followed up periodically for six months. It was found that the rats that received extra virgin olive oil gained weight. increased clearly at the age of 10 months and in addition had the ability to test better than the other group of rats. At the end of the study, when the rats reached 12 months of age, their brains were examined.

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Dr. Teerawat further stated that finding the level and accumulation in various locations of toxins in the brain is an important characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease. both beta-amyloid and tau protein, with reduced levels of toxins And it was found that the enzymes for digesting amyloid proteins, BACE and various secretases, were improved and there was also better interconnection of nerve cells with higher levels of protein. synaptophysin increased and inflammation caused by microglial cells decreased Inflammation is one important factor that causes Alzheimer’s to worsen. But an important and exciting result of the study is that extra virgin olive oil encourages nerve cells to use energy more sparingly and to destroy work waste more efficiently. This is characterized by an increase in ATG 5 and ATG 7. This process is called autophagy. This study is important because previous experiments in mice had been genetically engineered to show only one level of Alzheimer’s disease. This experiment shows abnormalities in both “Amyloid” and “Tau” that are discussed at length. It emphasizes the complete verification process, starting from observation, identification, and synthesis of plans to find deep mechanisms to gain confidence in using and recommending healthy foods. Moreover, the results from the study can also be used as a tool. Search for substances or foods that are beneficial to other health.

However, the consumption of any type of food or chemical including olive oil It will affect the body more or less. And not in a positive way or in a negative way. Therefore, you should eat in moderation. Supplement by eating more vegetables and fruits from all 5 groups, exercising regularly and getting enough rest. Or if anyone is unable to find olive oil for cooking, they can use any kind of oil, but it must be in the right amount and should not be eaten so often that it happens. In case of inconvenience, use any kind of oil. I recommend that you try cooking using this water. In addition to improving your health, it also saves money!

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