Discover the New Xbox Design Lab Shift Series: Customizable Controller Options like Never Before!

2023-09-26 23:21:21

Microsoft really loves controller variations and has given you a ton of options, and if you still think it’s hard to find a controller that’s right for you, there’s always the Xbox Design Lab that lets you create your own. but! More is still better, and now the Xbox Design Labs has fleshed out four new options for controller top cases, the Shift Series. These are the color variations previously sold as Aqua Shift, Lunar Shift, and Stellar Shift. The fourth is Cosmic Shift, which has never been used with a controller before. As usual, you can mix and match all the parts at will, creating millions of combinations (try the tool for yourself here). You can check out all four options in the top image, then take a closer look at Cosmic Shift in the second image, and finally select eight variations that show how your next controller will look in the third image.
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